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Thread: Newbie playlist from amazon s3 to look like live TV?

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    Default Newbie playlist from amazon s3 to look like live TV?

    I am new to wowza and starting to research and would like input on if what I want to do can be done and then where I go to begin learning what to do to make it happen?

    I want to use my amazon s3 mp4 files and have them play to look like live TV. I want to be able to change out the files in that playlist whenever we have programming changes. I would like to be able to schedule the playlists files so that I can provide a TV guide on my website so that viewers can see what shows are playing and at what time of day. Not in the beginning, but later, be able to cut into the playlists with a live event and then go back to the playlists.

    The stream from the amazon s3 files is to be a 24/7 stream to Roku. Later I would like to add the ability for it to play at my website and mobiles.

    I have no idea what the costs will be for a 24/7 channel. If you have this type of setup, can you provide an approximate amount as to what a monthly bill would be.

    Where do I go to start learning the steps to get this done? Hopefully, it is not a difficult task ;(

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    Check out the Wowza learning resources

    Quick Start Guide
    Basic tutorials

    To Configure AWS S3 with Wowza Media Server, please have a look at

    For wowza software pricing see here :

    Hope this helps to you,

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    Hi Sparktechs,

    Thank you for leading me in the right direction.

    This is a big help.

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    thanks too

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    Getting prepared to tackle this. Keep me posted how you do if you will. Any help I can get is appreciated!

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