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Thread: awstat anw wowza not working

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    Unhappy awstat anw wowza not working

    I followed all the treads I could and I cannot find the answer. I have this problem when running this command:
    perl -config= -showdropped -update

    Parsed lines in file: 210
    Found 193 dropped records,
    Found 15 comments,
    Found 0 blank records,
    Found 0 corrupted records,
    Found 2 old records,
    Found 0 new qualified records.

    perl -config= -showdropped -update

    This is my LogFormat:

    LogFormat="date time %method c-ip %referer %code %url sc-bytes filelength x-sname sc-stream-bytes cs-stream-bytes cs-uri-stem %extra1"

    I am trying to find stats on how many users connect to a specific stream ( I have two).

    Please help

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    I am not able to help with perl and awstats. I know it can work, but I don't have experience with it and we don't have any examples.

    A Wowza consultant Alejandro has a guide for awstats here:

    Wowza has a guide for Sawmill which has a Wowza module for streaming stats:


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    Problem Is I cannot find this particular problem resolved. It isn't working properly. Anyone had any luck with this ?

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