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Thread: What is encoder in Wowa streaming ser

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    Question What is encoder in Wowa streaming ser

    i am new to wowza media system.just started development two days ago.i am following this tutorial in this there is a heading Publishing the stream in this we have to use our encoder what is this encoder means wheather its an hardware device or any serversider module .please guideline how to specify Host Address and stream name in encoder.please some one give reply so that i can proceed further and what encoder is recommended.i am using UBUNTU as my operating system
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    You can use VLC as your encoder:
    Download VLC
    How to use VLC as a live stream encoder with Wowza Media Server (MPEG-TS)

    The host address is the IP address of the Wowza server, so if you are running Wowza on a local machine you could use:
    Host Address: localhost:1935

    or if you are running it from a remote location you would need the IP address of the Wowza server:
    Host Address:[123.456.7.89]:1935 for example

    Note: you don't include the square brackets [ ] with the IP address


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