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Thread: Multiple Or Single Shared Object

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    Default Multiple Or Single Shared Object

    Hey all,

    another noob question. Shared Objects witch is best a single one with client side content filtering function to display if pertinent data.
    Or multiple shared objects.
    What is more efficient in terms of bandwidth and overhead?
    I think bandwidth will increase with a single one? Or is only the new data sent to the consumer?
    I think processing will increase with multiple ones?
    In terms of function calling on the server how do you build a function to respond to flash?
    The integrated sendResult() function seams to only work for strings or simple data types?
    How do you use it to input/output a byte stream? Is that possible?
    How can you customize what is being pushed on the client without a client request, assuming a connection is opened?

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    The best pointer I can provide is the tutorial on using a shared object here

    There are more efficient ways to deliver data to clients that Shared Objects and also management techniques. Unfortunately you would need to do significant reading to determine the best way for you as it is situation dependent.


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