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Thread: MediaList problem with MPEG-TS Stream

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    Question MediaList problem with MPEG-TS Stream

    Fairly new to Wowza (running 3.6.1 on Linux as of last week), but so far I've gotten pretty much everything going except for one snag. I'm streaming an MPEG-TS live stream from VLC as a simulation for the SmartCast FastVDO box that is currently on order. I'm using the transcode and nDVR options, all works perfectly, except that I can't get the transcode SMIL to auto generate. It won't play according to the URLs in the published documenation, and if I look in the log instead of looking for streamname_all as is configured in the transcode XML file and is shown as being published in the logs, it tries to find a file by that name in the wowzahome/content directory such as vlcmpeg.stream_all. I first thought it was an issue with the fact I had to create a .stream file for the MPEG-TS restreaming and I saw something about .stream being a protected special name, but I reconfigured VLC to create an SDP file, and when I go to http://wowzaserver:8086/medialist and try it against that, the same thing happens: it generates a blank XML file and in the logs says that vlc.sdp format is invalid and vlc.sdp_all file is not found.

    I can play all the respective streams out of the transcoder fine, and if I test it with the DVR that also works fine. I found a forum post about adding the sanjosestreamingpacketizer to my Application.xml, it is in there. Shy of testing by pulling a remote RTP stream, which I lack the software to do right now, I'm completely stumped. I know I'm probably forgetting something obvious. Any help is appreciated.
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