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Thread: Adaptive bitrates for RTMP

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    Default Adaptive bitrates for RTMP

    Having some trouble setting this up.
    We're using the transcoder in an origin / edge setup.
    This works fine for mobile m3u8 streams, mobile devices can sucessfully choose a suitable bitrate and switch between them seamlessly.

    We're now setting up a flash player.

    I can stream successfully from:

    and also from:

    but what I want to do is to use the SMIL over rtmp, so that an appropriate bitrate will be selected.

    I don't get anything from

    Is this possible ? What do I need to do here ?

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    Hello, what are you using for play back?


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    You could try this:

    Open [install-dir]/examples/LiveVideoStreaming/FlashRTMPPlayer/player.html

    and use these settings:
    Server: rtmp://[wowza-edge-address]:1935/liveedge
    Stream: rtmp://[wowza-origin-address]:1935/liveorigin/_definst_/[stream-name]


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    I have looked into this some more and found a way for you to do this.

    Have a look at the second example in this article:
    RTMP Dynamic Streaming and HLS ABR


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    Thanks salvadore, we are using jwplayer on the web.
    For various reasons I won't go into here, we need to use RTMP not HTTP - I'm not sure whether this prohibits adaptive streaming.. I'll take a closer look using the example you've posted.


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