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Thread: 3.5.2 --> 3.6.1 playing dvr no video

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    Default 3.5.2 --> 3.6.1 playing dvr no video


    I've just upgraded my lab server from 3.5.2 to 3.6.1

    And all my stream has no video, just audio. When I downgrade back to 3.5.2, every stream works fine.

    My stream:
    Video: h264
    Audio: AAC

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    Same here. Can you please respond ASAP, its a disaster. We moved to 3.6.1 to have RTMPAuth and lost video on all feeds. Had to rollback to 3.5.2

    live streams, RTP input, RTMP output, H264, AAC

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    I will follow up with you both directly through a Support ticket in email.


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    Hi Wowza Support, would it be possible to have more information on this issue? I have also just updated my test server to 3.6.1 and cannot see any video but have audio playback.

    Many thanks Simon

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    I will follow up with you directly with a patch.


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