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    i have a few questions..

    1. we are transcoding channel for a tv station for their web.. it works for some days then the link stop responding and i have to restart the channel transcode!! whats going on here?

    2. this tv station is very popular and many people watch it all over the world.. how can we split the load to many servers? we have 4 channels in 3 bitrates!!

    3. when transcoding picture sometimes looks like its not in focus!!

    4. channel is only in air from 08:00-23:00 is there any way i can have a picture with channel logo and saying channel air time -08:00-23:00 and when the channel starts it takes over the still picture!!
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    Hi there,

    A) Do you see any messages in the logs when Wowza stops responding?
    B) Have you tuned your server as suggested by this guide? Performance Tuning Guide
    C) You can use JConsole to monitor the sever to see how everything is running,

    In [wowza-install-dir]/conf/Server.xml, set
    2) You can use a live stream repeater set up with the LoadBalancer AddOn
    How to configure a live stream repeater
    How to get the Dynamic Load Balancing AddOn

    3) You could see if this article helps with the poor picture quality:
    How to troubleshoot live streaming

    4) See this article:
    How to loop a pre-roll until a live stream starts


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