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Thread: Live streaming for large no of users

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    Question Live streaming for large no of users


    I have tested and run wowza live streaming. Now I am planning to do a live streaming for 50000-100000 users.

    1. How large user base can wowza hold at a moment?
    2. Is there any constraint for connection?
    3. What would be the appropriate system requirement for large base user?
    4. What would the best way to achieve this.

    Thanks in Advance

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    Hi Birendra,

    1: There is no limit for the number of connections built into Wowza
    2: the only constraints would be bandwidth and your setup
    3: Wowza recommends a late-model dual-quad cpu, 4 - 8 gigs of ram, with a 10gbs nic, 64 bit OS and 64bit version of Java. For your needs you would probably need 3 of these.
    4: The best way to do this would be to use well tuned origin-edge configuration with load balancing.

    Here are some articles to help you get this set up:
    How to configure a live stream repeater
    How to do performance tuning
    How to get Flash RTMP Load Test Tool


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