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Thread: MediaCache and Amazon S3 with new region

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    Default MediaCache and Amazon S3 with new region

    I'm trying to play some files from S3. I've been successfully doing this for quite some time with multiple servers all in US East region. I'm now using EU West region (Ireland). MediaCache.xml is setup like the following:

    <!-- maximum number of concurrent connections this source will make back to the web server -->

    Along with the proper AWS access and secret key as properties. When I try to stream via rtmp on the client side I get this issue:

    2013-06-06 21:37:09 EDT comment server WARN 404 72c142b40f35559e2c1f956e188ee4e6df1c7b99/video_ee67edf8b33dd7df511c6af48ca0268d9769fda7_1370545627.mp4[1]: Item not in cache: 72c142b40f35559e2c1f956e188ee4e6df1c7b99/video_ee67edf8b33dd7df511c6af48ca0268d9769fda7_1370545627.mp4

    The file is certainly there. Originally I saw a post about the BasePath needing to be changed for the region so originally I had:


    I'm guessing it must be something on how I setup regions but I can't seem to find any references for this. Any thoughts are appreciated.
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    In the AWS S3 Console, right click on an item in the EU bucket and select "properties". What is the URL of that file?

    You might have to open a support ticket so we can show us the actual url. Restart Wowza and test playback again, then zip up conf and current access log showing that re-start and test to Include a link to this thread, and the direct URL to the file you are testing from the AWS console.

    Include a link to this thread for reference


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