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Thread: Wowza Load Test Tool Source Code.

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    Default Wowza Load Test Tool Source Code.

    We are trying to load test our server. We need to test live streams.
    I want to test running 100 different live streams concurrently and I want 100 users to connect to 100 different live streams (i.e. one user each).
    Our streams have names like 1.vmsx , 2.vmsx, ... 100.vmsx
    (.vmsx is our file extension, nothing special just the same as .stream files)

    In the load test tool I set the stream name property to be 1 and stream extension to be .vmsx and the file count to 100.

    The streams that the load test tool tries to connect to have names

    If we could just make it connect to
    2.vmsx instead of 11.vmsx we would be OK.

    I think this can be easily done if we had the source code of the load test tool.
    Is there any way to obtain the code? Or is it possible for somebody from wowza to do this for us.


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    The source code needed to extend the Load Test Tool is included in the package.


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    is the source code in the current package too? I couldn't find Test.xml in conf/ or under bin/ ... we are using version 3.6.3.

    Can I get the code for Load Tests from another location?


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