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Thread: Sniffing-proof, reassemble-proof for Andriod via Wowza without an App?

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    Default Sniffing-proof, reassemble-proof for Andriod via Wowza without an App?

    Hi All,

    I am running the latest of Wowza Streaming Server, and haven't manage to find a way of streaming securely to Android (one plugin I found is for time-out of the link which is not required).

    So I wonder if anyone knows of a way, using Wowza, to stream to Android Devices without the need of an App, to make it

    1) Sniffing-proof
    2) Reassemble / storage of the video -proof
    3) Both of the above


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    Hi there, have a look at these security articles.


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    Thanks Salvadore, unfortunately there isn't a way so far on that list of articles

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    You could use the StreamNameAlias Addon to prevent unauthorized re-streaming.

    You will remove the default rule from the stream alias file. See the readme.html for an example of using the security aspect of this addon


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