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Thread: HTTP Origin and Cache-Control at wowza responses

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    Default HTTP Origin and Cache-Control at wowza responses

    Hi, I want to use wowza 3.6.2 as HTTP origin for all http segmented protocols, specially for live streaming.
    I would use a 3rd party CDN http cache infrastructure for it.
    However I have some doubts I need to solve to obtain the expected behaviour.
    The doubs are the following:
    - I want to bypass proxy-caches when downloading the playlist files, because of their dynamic content, and because I want to build a module able to get the forwared ip as my real connected client from the header of the reverse-proxy requests to wowza.
    For ensuring this behaviour, what is best suited value for Cache-control at wowza responses ?
    max-age=1 ? max-age=0 ? no-cache ? private ?
    - I want media files to be served from the proxy-caches when available, because of their static content, and settle a TTL of no more than 100 seconds (no need to store it longer for a livestream).
    Is max-age=100 a good value for Cache-control ?

    Thanks in advance for your valuable help.
    Best regards,
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    Here is some info:

    For what you want to accomplish the playlist cache control header should be no-cache. That should instruct the proxy to always get the content from the source. Of course this assumes the proxy server is behaving correctly.

    For the media chunks a time to live of 100 should be fine. Yes just set max-age=100. That should work fine.


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