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Thread: 1 Central function for all connection types?

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    Default 1 Central function for all connection types?


    Is there 1 central function that all stream types (RTMP, HTTP and RTSP) call when connecting or starting a stream?

    I need to validate the connections. Right now I have to do it in 3 different places; onConnect for RTMP, and individual access control modules for HTTP and RTSP.

    I've tried the IMediaStreamActionNotify3 onPlay function. But it does not work for HTTP and errors on RTSP streams.


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    There is not a catch-all for this. onHTTPSessionCreate is fired for new cupertino, sanjpose and smooth streaming sessions, but you need to handle RTSP and RTMP separately.


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    Thanks Richard.

    After making that post, I realized the functions onRTPSessionCreate and onHTTPSessionCreate could be used in my main module. Before I had them in their own modules.

    Having them in the same module is good enough for what I need to do.

    take care,

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