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Thread: custom and default recording options

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    Default custom and default recording options


    in order to get a more reliable recording process, i've set the stream type to "live-record-lowlatency" in my application config file. but i would like to define customs dirs where to save recordings (something like 1 folder by app instance)

    is it possible to do something like this ? i've been using the livestreamrecord module but it causes many problems and sometimes recordings are not properly done (might be related to my client code, but so far i couldn't find a reliable way to to what i want)

    so forcing all streams to be recorded is a good option, if i can have controll over destination settings...any clue ?

    thank you for your help


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    What version of Wowza are you using?
    Some customers did report issues with Live Stream Record (LSR) which got resolved around 3.5.2 patch 7 and are obviously resolved in the current version which is Wowza 3.6.2.

    You can define a recording location per application by default however you cant define a recording place per application instance without custom coding.


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