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    Default 23 Delayed streams

    Hello all,

    I have been puzzling with my and trying things, but no luck yet and I cant find anything on it on the internet.

    I have 4 live streams that come from my Wowza server.
    I want to record every one of them costantly, but only store the last 24 hours.

    With that I want to have 23 delayed streams per original stream (on the same server). This is to cover every timezone.
    So for instance for stream 1 I need to keep the live one I am already broadcasting and then have a posibility to offer -1hr, -2hrs, -3hrs,..........., -23hrs.
    That way when you are in a timezone 3 hours earlier than the stream, you will be watching stream 1 -3hours, what means that at 8 pm you are watching what was broadcast 3 hours earlier, but also 8 pm. If you are in a timezone that is 3 hours later than the stream, you will be watching stream 1 -21hrs, so again at 8 pm you can watch what happened 21 hours earlier, but also at 8 pm.
    I believe this has to be possible with DVR, but I have no clue where to start.

    Please help and put me into the right direction!

    Many thanks in advance for all of your help!


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    You could use the Live Stream Record (LSR) Module to record the source stream.
    The LSR Module allows you to break the recording up into segments of which could be 10, 20 ,30 minutes.

    If you wrote some custom code you could then add each of these video segments to a playlist.
    As long as the next video segment has been added to the playlist before the segment is needed the stream will remain X hours behind the source.

    For easier management you would probably have 24 applications 23 of which would have their own playlist playing segments 1 hour behind the other.
    live, live1, live2, ..... live23


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    Hi John ... I have built such module myself as I had customers which wanted such thing (time shifting). It works only for HLS though
    I have it available commercially as a service which I usually provide out of my servers. Let me know if you are interested

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