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Thread: windows phone 8 livestream

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    Default windows phone 8 livestream


    What type of live stream is possible to open on Windows phone 8 ?

    Flash, Silverlight doesn't not work ant it look's like HLS is not supported.

    So my question how can I open my livestream on Win Phones ?


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    Windows phones support Silverlight but the Silverlight player is limited as it can only play a stream with is both audio and video.
    Audio only and video only are not supported in this player.

    What's the codec of the stream being sent to Wowza?
    You should be able to see if there is an issue in the Wowza logs.

    If you recently changes the configuration files for example the Application.xml file to add smoothstreamingpacketizer to the LiveStreamPacketizers you will need to restart Wowza for the changes to take effect.


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    I am testing with windows mobile 8

    When I open my silverlisght stream, I get warning that I don't have silverlight but there's no possibility to install silverlight to Win Phone 8.

    So I am looking for some solution how to open live stream (h.264)


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    Hi there, you could give this player a try:


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