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Thread: Audio problem from MP1L3 MPEG-TS

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    Default [SOLVED] Audio problem from MP1L3 MPEG-TS

    I am having a serious audio problem. I am using 3.6.2 server on Windows Java 64 with Quicksync transcoder. Input is MPEG2 TS over rtp from satellite receiver. Several channels are working fine but others have weird noises on the transcoded version. Playing the source multicast on VLC sounds perfect with no noise.
    The noise can take the form of crackle on some channels and of simple distortion on others.
    My stream file includes
    otherwise the audio decoder does not start (without any error, for some reason). I checked the multicast with a TS stream analyzer and it is well-formed and no particular errors were presented. Also this happens with several different satellite streams from different satellites.

    Tried to move from quicksync to default but no effect on the problem.

    Any ideas?

    EDIT: Problem solved
    Apparently this is known bug with 3.6.1. I upgraded to 3.6.2 and it is solved. If only everything was so simple.
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