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Thread: impact of a hung server module

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    Default impact of a hung server module

    We're considering ideas for access control.

    The user authenticates to a system that returns the stream url.
    The user connects to Wowza with the stream url.

    1) The streamname in the uri is encrypted.
    The server module decrypts the streamname.
    The server returns the stream.

    2) The streamname in the uri includes an access token.
    The server module contacts the authentication system to verify the access token.
    The server returns the stream.

    My concern about #2 is if the server module hangs while contacting the authentication system.

    What is the impact on Wowza of a hung server module?

    I assume each user connection is a separate java thread, so maybe a hung module won't affect other streams?


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    It will operate on its own thread however if you have several hanging connections your resource utilization will still increase. You will want to ensure you do your due diligence in timing out connections (2 to 3 seconds) that aren't receiving responses fast enough.
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