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Thread: Proper sizing for load balanced Wowza Servers on EC2

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    Default Proper sizing for load balanced Wowza Servers on EC2

    I have primary and secondary origin servers, fronted by an array of edge servers, which are behind a single Wowza load balancer. What is the proper sizing for the origin server(s) and the load balancer?

    I assume that since only the encoders touch the origin servers, that these can be Small. Please correct me if that assumption is wrong. I have no idea what size the load balancer should be. Are they acting as a passthrough only and so I can size this smaller? Or are they getting a significant amount of load / requests and therefore should be sized larger?

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    Hi there,

    Wowza recommends late model dual or quad cpu, 4 - 8g ram, with a 1gbs nic, 64bit OS, 64bit JDK. The most significant limitation will be, (usually) bandwidth.

    The the Dynamic Load Balancing AddOn by itself is very lightweight, so if you have a dedicated server for this, it will not get much load.

    There is also a load test tool, you can request it here:
    How to get Flash RTMP Load Test Tool

    There is no hard answer to this, and it depends on what you are streaming and to how many concurrent clients are connected. But every edge makes at least one connection to an origin, and up to 5 if rtmp, rtsp and 3 http methods are used, maybe 6 dvr.


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    Salvadore - do you mean that the load balancer or the origin server should be dual or quad CPU / 4-8 GB RAM etc?

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    If the Load Balancer Listener is on a dedicated machine it could be a lesser machine than the edges and origin.


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