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Thread: Best config for EC2 + LiveStreamRecord

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    Default Best config for EC2 + LiveStreamRecord


    I need to build a bigger instance of an EC2 server that is currently on DevPay to support recording of livestreams and wanted to put this on an EBS volume for performance and persistance reasons.

    So a few questions:
    Is there anyway to do DevPay with an EBS backed instance?
    Is there anyway to upgrade the hardware on a DevPay instance store AMI?
    What is the recommended storage location for a live stream record? I was assuming write to EBS and the shift to S3 but happy to take advice on this.


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    1) No, Devpay does not support EBS backed instances

    2) No, you have to start another AMI and choose a large instance type

    3) That's a good solution. You could use the ephemeral storage and move also. The Wowza content location on EC2 is on a large partition, which is sizable even on m1-small.


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