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Thread: how to create applications programmatically from another server

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    Question how to create applications programmatically from another server

    we have
    server 1 as wowza server
    server 2 as application server

    we would like to programmatically create application on server 1 from server 2 ?

    will we have to create folders conf/appname and copy the xml files to create a new application or is there any other way of doing it
    how do we call server 1 to trigger the creation of application
    may be a custom module which will listen (tcp) on some port and server 2 will connect and send command to server 1 to trigger the applicaton creation
    is this the right way to do it ?

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    There are a few ways of doing this but the easiest is to just use something like ftp or scp to create the remote folders and upload or copy the Application.xml file and any other files needed.

    If all of your applications use the same configuration then you only need one application.xml in the conf folder. You only need separate Application.xml files in their own folders when the configuration differs between applications. You still need a separate folder for each in the applications folder though.

    You could also use a custom http provider on Wowza to listen for application creation commands. Essentially, it would do the same thing. It would create the folders and then copy and perhaps modify an existing Application.xml file from somewhere.

    In the IVHost api, there are a couple of very old methods for createApplication and deleteApplication. These are pretty limited on what can be done and are no longer used so may be removed at some stage.


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