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Thread: Get Delay/Latency of a Live-Stream

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    Default Get Delay/Latency of a Live-Stream


    we want to stream a live-event with Wowza (3.x) over HLS or HDS, but not RTMP.
    The streaming-format is h264/mp4.
    Now we need to know the delay/latency between Wowza and the player (JWPlayer, Flowplayer, Strobe Media Player, or what ever).

    Or the other way:
    We want Wowza to "inject any signal" in the stream and when this signal arrive the player, the player should do something.

    We try to inject cue-points, this did not work I thought (not possible in *.mp4 over HLS/HDS, only in *.flv)
    We try to use closed caption, this works like a charm with JWPlayer but only with RTMP, not in HLS/HDS...(HLS not supported yet)

    How we can solve this problem?
    ->send "signal" over stream OR
    ->find out delay/latency of stream between Wowza and player (our first choice)

    About any help I am very grateful.

    Best regards
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    I think you can do cuepoints in Flash HTTP (OSMF):

    And take a look at these guides that discuss key frame frequency and chunkDurationTarget, which can be used together to reduce latency


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