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Thread: Cant remove wowza logo

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    Default Cant remove wowza logo

    I am using wowza and the transcoder.

    My primary (unaltered) stream has no watermark logo, however the 2 different bitrates from the transcoder have a wowza logo embedded.

    I have already removed the <overlay> sections from the transcoder templates and restarted WowzaMediaServer but no change.

    This is running wowza on linux.

    I am using the trial version which i understand could be the cause, however the trial does state "full, unrestricted functionality".

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    Hi there,
    With the Trial or Developer Edition license, Transcoder AddOn has video and audio watermarks. With a perpetual or subscription license, there are no watermarks.


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    Can you send for me config file Transcoder Addon? Thanks you!

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