Hi all!

I am trying to set up a wowza media server 2 to stream video on demand (Android/RTSP). The thing is I can access the server and stream videos within my local network, but when I access the server from internet (external IP) it seems to start streaming but in the end nothing happens. The player just show a "loading video" and nothing happens.

I have open the following ports on the router: 1935 and from 6470 to 9999.
I have also configured the Application.xml file in the [install-dir]/conf/vod directory, placing the internal and external IP in the proper xml tag

I open BS player on Android (device not in local network), I try to open the following URL: rtsp://server-external-ip:1935/vod/mp4:sample.mp4. After that, the server output shows logs of incoming request and it tries to stream but after a few seconds, the player restart again and again. It DOES work when I try to open the following URL: rtsp://server-internal-ip:1935/vod/mp4:sample.mp4 from local network IP (device in local network).

I guess I'm missing something about configuration but don't know what it is
Could anyone give me a hand?
Thanks in advance.