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Thread: OSMF/Strobe Media Live Stream with Fallback

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    Default OSMF/Strobe Media Live Stream with Fallback


    FLME 3.2
    Wowza 3.5.2
    OSMF (Strobe Media)

    We are streaming live 24/7 from FMLE to Wowza and outputting to OSMF (Strobe Media) with nDVR. The two streams are .fm4?DVR and .m3u8?DVR. We are trying to include Fallback in the player code for .m3u8 as described in:

    But unfortunately we have not managed to get the fallback to work. Does anyone have any experience on the method of including the correct JavaScript in the correct manner?


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    You can look at the user-agent either with javascript or in your application server while you are forming a player in response to a client request. It might be better to do it server-side in your application server because a few people still turn javascript off.

    Ian Beyer has this javascript example, which is good for reference even if you do it server-side


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