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Thread: Authenticate access to application in HTTP origin mode

  1. Default Authenticate access to application in HTTP origin mode

    Maybe I'm missing some documentation here... is there any way to inspect requests for HTTP streams when using HTTP origin? I don't see the onHTTPSessionCreate method being fired off (seems to make sense, since there is only one session in this case), but is there somewhere else I can find references to request headers or request IP addresses and accept/reject before the content is served?


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    Hi Jay,
    Communication with the Wowza Media Server HTTP caching origin is sessionless (session-based communication doesn't work) so session-specific information isn't relevant and, therefore, isn't available.

    You can find out more about this here:
    How to configure Wowza Media Server as an HTTP caching origin


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    Thanks Salvadore.

    I'm actually fine with not having reference to a session, I was just hoping to limit access (via request header or IP address).


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