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Thread: pulling RTMP and DVR

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    Default pulling RTMP and DVR

    Hi there ... is it possible to pull a stream from another Wowza as RMTP, and repeat as live, as well as record using nDVR (like having nDVR on the repeater)?

    Thanks for any response

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    Yes, this is possible, here is a guide to set this up:
    How to set up live stream repeater for use with Wowza nDVR AddOn (origin/edge)


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    Hi Salvadore .... thanks for the reply, but that is not what I meant
    I want to pull the RTMP from a server I don't control, so I can't configure it to be origin. And eventually, I want to do it as I were pulling from a CDN.
    I tried pulling it using MediaCaster, which works, but I couldn't make it record as nDVR. I also tried pushing it to another app that has nDVR configured using PushPublish module, but didn't have luck

    If I were following your example (even in my case I can't configure the origin), I'd like the recording to happen on the edge, not the origin


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    that's exactly what I'm doing to pull a RTMP stream ... but how do I get it to record using nDVR on the server that is pulling it?

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    You just have to configure the edge application for nDVR following these steps:

    Do not treat this as an edge, use the standard dvr LiveStreamPacketizer: "dvrstreamingpacketizer", as shown.


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    I finally managed to get it work following the original idea ... pulling from CDN with one application, and pushing it locally to another application. This gives me the option of less conflict as my applications uses some of my modules, so it's cleaner this way (even though I'm using more resources, which is not a problem so far)

    thanks for the help

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