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Thread: RTSP syntax

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    Question RTSP syntax


    I have a mp4 file that I want to stream (on demand). I can do it successfully with this URL:


    But I cannot do it with this one:


    I have used ffmpeg previously to transcode "myfile.mp4" into h.264 AVC format.

    What's the difference between both URL? Is there any difference in terms of performance?

    Thanks in advance, regards!

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    If the stream plays with out the mp4: prefix it means the the file is really a .flv file with an .mp4 extension.
    if you do not use a mp4: prefix, Wowza assume it is .flv, since that works it is .flv

    See this article for encoding VOD:
    How to encode video on demand content


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    Hi Salvadore!

    The thing is, the mp4 file I transcoded was the one in the article you say. As far as I know, that sample file (Butterfly_HD_1080p.mp4) isn't in FLV format but in MP4. I used one of the ffmpeg commands in the article to transcode the sample file so as to stream it later.

    The player I use couldn't open the URL [rtsp://] but it could without mp4:

    From what you say... using mp4: in the URL doesn't have anything to do with performance, am I right?


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    Correct, the prefix has nothing to do with performance.
    Adding mp4: prefix is necessary when it is necessary and not when it is not. You don't have a choice when it is.

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