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Thread: Recording audio, a strange out of sync problem

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    Default Recording audio, a strange out of sync problem

    We are developing a live stream conference system. Now we are trying to record audio stream.

    We have used recommended recording audio package.

    But we we find a very strange problem.

    We publish an audio stream to the Wowza server( No play action). The server start to record automatically.

    We got the flv file. For example, it's 3:00 minutes

    We need to convert flv to mp3 to merge with other audio file.

    The original file is 3:00 minutes. After conversion it's only 2:30 minutes.

    It will out of sync with other recording contents.

    We have tried demo

    we found if we play the stream , we can keep the time duration after the conversion.

    But if we don't play, the time duration will be shorten after conversion.

    It's very strange.

    Please help us solve this problem. Thanks a lot!


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    Is the publisher a Flash RTMP client? If so, Microphone.setSilenceLevel(0) should fix this problem.


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    thanks for reply. I think it will work. We are developing a conference system. Silence level will be useful sometimes. It will decrease echo.

    I guess when recording the audio, if there is no audio data, wowza record tool will insert some customized structure . Maybe it will lead to this problem.

    I suggest Wowza can provide a tool to convert recoding flv to normal flv. Now recording flv can only be used by Wowza VOD.

    We can automatically record a meeting . But if the audio file is out of sync, it will be a big problem.


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