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Thread: Audio-only playlist stream sometimes stops, does not advance to the next track

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    Question Audio-only playlist stream sometimes stops, does not advance to the next track


    We are using the latest version of Wowza to stream audio files to the latest version of the JW Player 6. (See our website at and the player at the top of the page for an example.)

    Generally everything works well, but occasionally we find that after one playlist song finishes the next one in the sequence fails to start. The Wowza log files do not show any errors, just a premature stream stop event.

    Digging a little deeper, we have noticed a pattern that may explain this undesirable behaviour, and we're hoping someone here might be able to further interpret and advise us on the best way to fix this issue.

    The pattern is this: when stoppages occur, the track that the playlist stopped on is very often encoded at a high bitrate, in the 300 Kbps range, whereas the neighbouring tracks are typically encoded at a much lower bitrate, like 128 Kbps.

    Might the JW Player be failing to resume playback because its buffer has been depleted by the high bitrate track?

    Would ensuring that all our audio files are encoded at the same identical bit rate be advisable? If so, should we investigate some kind of batch command line utility to bulk transcode the thousands of files on our server, which multiple users have uploaded from different sources and bitrates in MP3 and M4A? Or might Wowza's Stream Transcoder be employed somehow to do this? (I realize it is designed for live-stream transcoding but perhaps it can be employed to work with static files?)

    Any advice from the community would be most welcome in helping us troubleshoot this issue.



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    Hi Barnaby,

    Yes, I do think this is caused by the discrepancy with the bitrates, and there is nothing in the log because it is the player that is sensitive to this change, the failure is client side.

    Wowza Transcoder will not be able to do this but here is an article that will get it done for you:
    How to use with Wowza Media Server


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