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Thread: Start recording of all transcoded/transrated streams at the same time

  1. Default Start recording of all transcoded/transrated streams at the same time

    Situation: Live h.264 input stream w/Transcoder AddOn and recording; all transcoded streams must be recorded.

    I'm writing a module for this, and my idea is to only start recording of the source stream, then hook onto the HTTPLiveStreamRecord.onStartRecord and start recording of the transrated streams from there (I should be able to read the enabled entries by reading the transrate.xml template, right?)

    How can I hook onto the onStartRecord function, or is there a better way to start recording of all transrated streams at the same time as the source stream? (I don't want to use the IMediaStreamActionNotify3.OnPublish to start recording because the recording is independent from publishing)

    When the source recording is stopped, I can hook onto the IMediaWriterActionNotify.onWriteComplete and stop all transrated recordings accordingly. Would it be possible to create a SMIL file that is properly aligned, or will this cause problems because the recordings aren't started at the exact same time (but milliseconds after each other)?

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    If all streams must be recorded you can just make the Application.xml /StreamType "live-record"

    Otherwise, IMediaStreamActionNotify3.onPublish() and IMediaStreamActionNotify3.onUnPublish() is the place to implement LiveStreamRecord api.

    I don't think IMediaWriterActionNotify.onWriteComplete() will be useful. This fires when a recording is finished. You want to take action when the stream is unPublished.


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    I think you misunderstood my question. I don't want to start and stop the recording along with the publishing. It's a live stream that people are watching, and we want only to record portions of it. So we use the LiveStreamRecord utility to start and stop the recording, but we don't want to click "Start recording" for each transrated stream. Instead we want to click "Start recording" on the source stream and then all the transrations get recorded automatically.

    I know about the onPublish and onUnPublish but as I explained, I cannot use these. Instead I use the onWriteComplete to recognize when the recording of the source stream is stopped. What I'm looking for is the opposite of onWriteComplete, like "onWriteStart" or something.

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