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Thread: Wowza Using NVENC with gpu kepler or regular geforce Cuda cards max performance

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    Default Wowza Using NVENC with gpu kepler or regular geforce Cuda cards max performance

    i am planing to build an I7 3770K Computer with multiple Nvidia Cards and use the Wowza transcoding software?

    on Nvidia website i compare Geforce Cards, i see they have multiple with a lot of cuda cores number variation.

    as the wowza tutrorial i understand that Quadro and tesla is the best? are these computers or video cards?

    do you recommend me to buy tesla or quadro as they use the new kepler engine? which one has better performance? and if i ever decided to use Geforce cards? do you recommend me to get the higher cuda cores numbers? or the faster cores.

    if i buy Geforce Gtx Titan:

    Cuda Cores: 2688

    Standard memory Config: 6144 MB

    Geforce GTX690

    Cuda Cores: 3072

    Standard memory Config: 4096 MB

    how many channel can i Transcode / Card? and if put like 3 card will i have 3 X the channel numbers to transcode?


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    Hi zcodefixer

    have you found any answer for your question?
    we have same question as you but didn't find a good answer for it.
    we start with nVidia GTX 680 for new NVENC transcoding feature on Linux OS.

    beside that we are looking forward to your answer (or any experience) also in our scenario, wowza could not start successfully.
    and we got license error on NVENC SDK.
    didyou ever have similar error or not.


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    AFAIK, NVENC on Wowza Transcoder will not work with GeForce GTX. You should use NVIDIA Quadro K4000 or higher.

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