Solution for having Wowza RTMP streaming working with flowplayer 5.

Flowplayer 5 supports HTML5 mode for playing the videos, I was having trouble streaming videos from Wowza, this solution worked for me. We have Wowza 3.5.2 and Flowplayer 5.4.3 installed.

Configure your wowza system. I have installed Video on Demand streaming which is the only requirement in our project (no live streaming). Your HTML code must be like this to support rtmp streaming -

<div class="flowplayer" data-engine="flash" data-swf="flowplayer.swf" data-key="xxxxxx" data-rtmp="rtmp://{wowza server}/vod/_definst_">
         <source type="rtmp/mp4" src="mp4:{path to your video}" />
I have used "_definst_" after my application name "vod", this is required when you want to stream videos from the sub folders.