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Thread: Wowza Server accepts and responds to any stream URL

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    Default Wowza Server accepts and responds to any stream URL


    We have configured our Wowza Server 3 to stream local files as live content, as descrived here:

    It works. There are 2 Streams with URLs like http://[SERVER_IP]:1935/live/Stream1/playlist.m3u8 and http://[SERVER_IP]:1935/live/Stream2/playlist.m3u8.

    The problem is, that anyone can access any other URL of the "live" Application, like:

    ...and the response is a playlist.m3u8 file with a content like:

    ...even if these Streams do not exist.

    How can we disable it?

    Thank you.

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    In Wowza 3.6.x the sessions are recorded differently which means a you would receive a different response however I think this will still return an empty playlist.
    If you wanted to return a #404 message you could write some some code to return this if the stream was not available.

    Should you need any help writing this custom Module you can post this as a job in the "find a consultant" forum found here,
    Find a Consultant

    Alternatively you can email with a request for the independent consultants list which is available on request.


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