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    Hi All,

    I have a few of doubts you can help me to solve them:

    Does Wowza Media Server support SAN as content repository?

    Does Wowza support a directory path located on a external Web Server as a source for the video content?

    If the Web Server is connected to a SAN can Wowza media server access the video files on the SAN?

    Your prompt response will be greatly appreciated!!

    Best Regards


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    Hi there, to answer your questions, Yes Wowza does support this.

    You will need the MediaCache AddOn, you can request it from here:
    How to get MediaCache AddOn (scale video on demand streaming)

    Here is a brief introduction of this AddOn:
    MediaCache technology can retrieve content from either a web server or http (must support HTTP/1.1 byte range requests) or network attached file system (network attached storage, network file system or any similar device that is recognized as a disk to the operating system).

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