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Thread: Raw YUV input to WMS

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    Default Raw YUV input to WMS


    I am planning to create a Raw YUV sequence and feed that as input stream to Wowza Media Server. My YUV sequence is dynamically generated image frames. I will then use Wowza's capability to use NVidia CUDA/hardware accelerated encoder for faster encoding. I believe YUV input to Wowza (and so to NVidia encoding SDK that Wowza is using internally) would be optimized pipeline. I've two questions:
    1. Wowza supports raw YUV sequence as input?
    2. My assumption about optimized pipeline is correct?

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    This is possible but you would need to use the Wowza transcoder and use the overlay functionality to put in the image frames. It would be quite tricky, but do-able and very CPU/GPU intensive. Wowza does support the use of buffered images and I would recommend some reading here

    It would take some putting together as to maintain speed you would need to have multiple threads creating overlays, adding images etc.


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