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Thread: best encoder setting?

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    Default best encoder setting?

    Any help would be great, i can get a good picture but not a GREAT picture.

    I want to send video at 29 /30 fps 640x360 size, but have a really sharp clear picture especially as people move through the frame.

    has anyone experimented and found the best settings for this?

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    Bitrate will be the biggest factor here. The higher the bitrate the better the quality as there is more information available to provide a sharper picture. I would experiment pushing up your bitrate but of course you may be limited based on your local internet connection.


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    im running 500K bitrate now but i compare with places like TWIT and Cnet they seem to have a way sharper clearer pic with the same or less

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    So when comparing to TWIT and Cnet are you comparing their live streams or video on demand files? With VoD many providers run their media thru 2-pass encoding to get the best quality. That way they can set a fairly low target bitrate, and only 'burst' when it's needed for things like scene changes/motion. That way there's enough buffered up in the client side so when the high data rate stuff comes in, the client doesn't notice.

    If comparing live/live instead of VoD/live then the issue may be codec. I've found that some encoders are crap compared to others with all settings the same. The best software based encoders I've seen so far use the MainConcept codec. That includes Adobe FMLE, Kulabyte and Wirecast Pro. (tho for some reason I still get a better pic off FMLE then Wirecast).

    Also, there are many different features that can be used for encoding that may not be present in your software. For example, if you're running in High or Main profile, you've potentially got the ability to use B frames instead of just I & P. B Frames increase latency and are CPU costly, but help get rid of motion artifacts. Then there is the entropy settings (which are rarely available for a user to see). You have CABAC or CAVLC. CAVLC is oftentimes used be default because it's less CPU intensive on the encoder and decode side, but doesn't produce as nice of a result as CABAC.

    So there's a bunch to it.... unfortunately. It took me ages to get my head around all of this and still new tricks having to be figured out daily. Personally I really like Adobe FMLE but there are licensing issues with using it with Wowza. Kulabyte is really nice, but last time I looked came with a very very high pricetag. (especially considering FMLE was 'free', and Wirecast Pro now has the same Codec engine as both for a grand).

    So, what encoder are you currently using?


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