i have a application for recording a clips from a web camera the stram type is live-record because i want to transcode the audio to AAC.
The user can stop the recording and resume it after that so i am calling the stop function and publish with append several times during the recording process.
When its finished the transcoder generate a segmments for each published stream

So basically i have just one recording flv file witch contains all the segments together and many transcoded files for each segment.

Second application is VoD witch have the same storage directory as live-recording application.
I can play afd862443c71b4d034db5e07ef50700a.flv thrue flash player but if i like to use HLS (http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:1935/vod/mp4:.../playlist.m3u8) the player play just the last segment of the video.

My question is there an option to combine all transcoded streams with same name into one single file