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Thread: problem in streaming

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    Default problem in streaming

    we have a wowza 3.5 , that is streaming on two types of ports ( 1935 and 554 ).
    every 12 hours the stream on port 1935 goes down , but the stream on port 554 is not effected and continues streaming , we then restart the wowza service for the stream on port 1935 to resume streaming , could this be a problem on fire wall or a problem on wowza ? is there a log file we can check that can tell us the reason why a stream has stopped on the server level or on the individual stream level .

    your support is much appreciated

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    Hi there,
    It is very helpful for troubleshooting to run Wowza in stand-alone (/bin/startup.bat) mode instead of the service, so you can see log output in the console.
    Also you can use this example to monitor the streams:
    How to monitor live streams using IMediaStreamActionNotify2


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