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Thread: Private CDN Best Practices ?

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    Default Private CDN Best Practices ?

    Our team is in process of consulting an ISP for their private CDN on thier cloud, so I will need some input if you guys can help

    The services

    1) Live Streaming with Load Balancer
    2) Video On Demand
    3) Live Transcoding
    4) Cloud Based Video encoding ( using Handbrake CLi and inCron )

    We have used the Wowza Load Balancer Addon on our deployment and it is quite a success to lessen our server load. But using the design on CDN architecture, how do we distribute the incoming stream to all the balancers ?

    Imagine publisher A stream to our publishing point and the same stream need to be distributed across all balancers

    I'm thinking of using live-repeater technique :

    on publishing server : rtmp://<publishing>/live/streamName
    on repeater server : rtmp://<repeater>/live/streamName

    or can we do like this ?

    on publishing server : rtmp://<publishing>/live/<client_id>/streamName
    on repeater server : rtmp://<repeater>/live/<client_id>/streamName

    So we can track down stream belongs to the which client based on client_id and since we stream in /live application , it will automatically repeated accross the balancers.

    For the logs, we plan to move all the log into storage server and write a parser to put the log into MySQL database for reporting, and use a simple web interface to display the usage based on client_id.

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    Transcode/Transrate Service

    We plan the following scenario :

    1) Publisher will send high quality stream to our publishing point
    2) We start the incoming stream in transcoder server manually
    3) Transcoder server transcode the incoming stream into 3 profiles
    4) distribute the transcoded profile to repeaters

    What's the best practise for item #4 ?

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