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Thread: VOD : Deliver from a single Source

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    Default VOD : Deliver from a single Source

    Dear All,

    In present scenario one need to server multiple users with different devices and platform. We have large amount Of FLV and MOV files, our problem is how to serve all my videos from a single source of file to multiple users with different devices and platform.

    Seeking Solution for Runtime conversion of flv to mp4 using WMS

    Please reply, consultants are also welcome to provide solutions to small enterprise level.

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    Hi there, have a look at the Wowza Transcoder:
    AddOn: Wowza Transcoder


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    thxs Salvadore

    I have tested the Live Transcode and it works great. How can a default (VOD) publishing point been transcoded with the Transcoder AddOn?

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    Im sorry Budhiraja,

    I posted this in haste, the Wowza Transcoder only works for Live not VOD.

    At present Wowza does not support VOD Transcoding.

    You may be able to commission a consultant to help you with this project, you can post to the Find a Consultant forum
    or request a list of consultants from

    Sorry for the misdirection.


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    We are currently looking at supporting VOD transcoding as well, but there is no release date set.


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