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Thread: Limit the number of concurrent streams per user

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    Default Limit the number of concurrent streams per user


    Is there a way to limit the concurrent VOD streams from the users? For example, no user can have more than 3 concurrent streams at the same time.
    I have searched the forum and did not find anything like that.


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    Wowza has no concept of users so this functionality is not readily available.
    To add this functionality you would have to write some custom code to add log-in/log-out type system and base these rules on a per user basis.

    If you need help or would like a consultant to help you in this matter you can find our "find a consultant" forum here,
    Find a Consultant

    Alternatively you can email making a request for the independent consultants list.


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    we have developers, we just need to get some clarification, which you provided. could you please help me understand the lifecycle of a streaming connection? in particular, with regards to extending com.wowza.wms.module.ModuleBase.

    would log-in/log-out correspond to these methods, onConnect/onDisconnect in ModuleBase? or would it be onStreamCreate/onStreamDestroy?

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    The onConnect and onDisconnect correspond with a Flash RTMP NetConnection. IClient is the server-side of the NetConnection. Does that answer your question?


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