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Thread: live stream to IOS, works in iPad2, not with iPhone 3g

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    Default live stream to IOS, works in iPad2, not with iPhone 3g

    I do have the correct settings in use h.264, baseline, 3.0, keyframe rate is 2

    I have playback in Ipad 2 and Ipad mini, but with iphone 3g I get "This movie format is not supported", I serched this on here but didnt find anything useful.

    I had to reinstall the software a couple times, had other issues, so wanted to start fresh. And prior to starting fresh it was working fine, so not sure where it changed. I tried to go back and check steps but not finding anything.

    what else could I check? or could be?

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    Hi there,
    What is the audio codec and encoding details?
    If mp3, try 44100Hz, 64 or 128kbs, stereo, if you have the option to use AAC for audio it would be best.


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