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Thread: Manually start/stop transcoder

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    Default Manually start/stop transcoder

    Is there a way to programatically start/stop the transcoding? I want to link the transcoding process to RTMP PushPublish and it doesn't make sense to transcode if it won't be pushed afterwards.

    This example shows how to disable the transcoding, but I am not sure how to activate it again afterwards.

    I have seen a couple of examples like, which make usage of ILiveStreamTranscoderNotify and partly ILiveStreamTranscoder.
    Unfortunately there is no official documentation for com.wowza.wms.transcoder.model.LiveStreamTranscoder, so I can only refer to

    class MyTranscoderActionNotifier implements ILiveStreamTranscoderActionNotify {
      public void onInitAfterLoadTemplate(LiveStreamTranscoder liveStreamTranscoder) {
          MediaStreamMap allStreams = appInstance.getStreams();
          IMediaStream stream = allStreams.getStream("streamName");	

    How is it doable?
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    One way to approach this scenario would be to utilize the code as mentioned in How to control which streams get transcoded using server-side API and extend it utilizing the MediaCaster API.

    1. Create a .stream (say file with the contents continaing rtmp address of the stream that you want transcoded i.e. rtmp://[wowza-url]:1935/[app]/[instance]/transcodestream

    2. Start the .stream in mediacaster

    3. Publish your originating stream name, transcodestream.

    4. Add logic into the isLiveStreamTranscode event that looks for the .stream file. If it isn't, return false.

    For more information, check out the API documentation

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