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    Hi Folks,

    I am working on a project which will use a Wowza streaming package (Provided by a hosting company)

    We wish to stream in high quality (720p) flash video, and we are just concerned about what type of computer spec would be required to stream at that rate.

    I know very little about live video streaming and I am just about getting to terms with it.

    Our initial test outcome was the PC being used for the encoder was running CPU resources at 99% causing very jerky video and stuttering.

    All suggestions welcome.


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    First thing you'll want to do is ensure that you meet our recommended hardware specs:

    Then you'll want to check out our tuning guide:

    After that if you experience issues post some log errors or messages that would help us to further investigate the problem.

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    Thanks for the reply Matt_Y

    Just to confirm that I am not actually running the server, I am just an end user running an encoder to send a live video signal to the media server which is at the host end.

    I apologise if you have already pointed out what im looking for, I am just very new to all this and I dont understand enough about it to even ask the question properly.

    What I am basically looking for is:

    What type of computer spec (Processor, RAM, OS, Hard Drive Space, Graphics card) would I require to run an encoder to send HD video (720p) from our local site to the media server.

    Thanks and i really do appreciate the help.


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