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Thread: Problem with MediaCache AddOn

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    Default Problem with MediaCache AddOn

    Hi guys

    I want to know about how exactly MediaCache works and also except the .pdf instruction included to MediaCache package, is there any other way to learn how to config MediaCache simple and also how exactly can make it to work with SMIL files?

    Thanks a lot.

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    Hi there,

    MediaCache fetches content from a content server and caches it locally.
    It is cached in chunks that are not recognizable files, and the chunks that are cached are not the whole file necessarily, just what has been already played and cached.

    To use a .smil file with MediaCache you put the .smil file on the content server along-side the files it references. The smil file itself will look the same as if it were in the /content folder.


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    Thank you for your reply.
    Just one more question:
    In single URL is something like this: http://Wowza:1935/mediacache/_defins...v/manifest.f4m
    But for SMIL file I tried this URL: http://Wowza:1935/mediacache/_defins...l/manifest.f4m and it's not working.
    Please help me with URL.
    Thanks a lot.

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    What you show is correct, at least in form. And if "path1/" is a MediacCache prefix, and the first link to .m4v file works (but it doesn't in my test), and the .smil file is in that same location, it should work. Make sure the files that are referenced in the smil are along-side it on that content server. And the .smil should look the same as if it was in the /content folder. You would not have MediaCache references in the smil.

    If still a problem, first re-start Wowza, and test playback again. Then zip up the /conf folder and current access log showing re-start and test to

    Include the .smil file, and include a link to this thread for reference.


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