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Thread: Wowza Origin and Edge servers using Amazon CloudFront - Beginner

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    Default Wowza Origin and Edge servers using Amazon CloudFront - Beginner

    I have an apk built for android where I pass one url per live stream. On the other end I am going to be having few xlarge servers on EC2 which will be running wowza, these xlarge servers on EC2 will get live streams from capture card provided from one local server on my destination(if needed I can even use local server as origin and xlarge server as edges). Later xlarge server on EC2 will have a load balancer within EC2 which will connect to CloudFront to deliver users. Only reason why I am using CloudFront is, it has so many EDGES around Europe which I really need, also has high data transfer rate(i need 4 mbps per stream). So Guys, I would like to know your thoughts in this architecture and top of anything, I have a dumb question. As I mentioned earlier I am going to pass one url per stream, so if I point that to origin server which ever I am going to use, how will it get connected to edge server which is closer to customers. Already letting you know i the front end of apk I can only pass one Url.

    Welcome all thoughts on this and advance thanks.

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    Wowza does not support CloudFront at present. There is planned support, but I don't have a timeframe.

    And there is no example of GeoIP routing. There is an example of GeoIP locking

    For reference, this is the basic guide for Live Stream Repeater.


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