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Thread: Issues deploying EC2 instance

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    Default Issues deploying EC2 instance


    So, I am using the devpay EC2 instances, and I am running into an issue. I am using libcloud to manage our EC2 cloud, and as part of the deploy process a shell script is uploaded to the instance and executed. Among other things, that shell script downloads a tar file containing the desired contents of the /usr/local/WowzaMediaServer directory. Now everything else in that shell script executes properly, but when I ssh into the node, and list the contents of that directory, I only see the default files there. Confounding this further, if I manually run the script, the files are installed. Is there anything I need to do to assure that the files are installed the first time?

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    If bring up the console log for EC2 instance, in AWS web interface you should be able to select the instance to do this.

    The log should show if the script was attempted to be run and why it failed. It may be a relative/absolute path problem.


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    That's the strange thing. I am using absolute paths.
    sudo tar -C /home/wowza/ -xf /tmp/Wowza.tar.gz

    I also tried creating a startup package.





    and according to the startup log, it was successful. And the files do indeed appear to be in the right places. However, when I use this, if I try to run service WowzaMediaServer restart, I get a java not found error.

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    I figured it out, Turns out INSTALL wasn't the action I wanted. I wanted to use UNZIP to accomplish my goal.

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