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Thread: Any concern to use other protocols to get 'live' stream in nDVR

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    Default Any concern to use other protocols to get 'live' stream in nDVR

    The nDVR only supports HLS. HDS and MS Smooth stream, but I guess it's a restriction for dvr stream (time-shifting function)....
    If focus on the live stream, when I playback the 'live' stream, can I use other protocols like RTMP or RTSP or any protocol that Wowza support for live stream?
    And of course, I would use HLS/HDS to play the dvr part
    any concern about it?

    Take the tutorial as a example, any concern if I use :
    1. rtmp://[wowza-ip-address]/dvr/myStream
    2. http://[ wowza-ip-address ]:1935/dvr/myStream/playlist.m3u8 (no '?DVR' as postfix)

    to playback the live stream?

    And for 2, what's the difference with the postfix '?DVR' in HLS? the tutorial shows live stream and dvr stream in HDS case but only one in HLS.

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    You can use the streaming URL without the ?DVR termination. The stream will work. If they are enabled (or not disabled), all streaming outputs provided by Wowza should still work. The nDVR feature is an add-on and the access to its feature and enhancements it brings can be access with the ?DVR termination added to the streaming URL. So in case of the HTTP streaming protocols, if you access the stream without the postfix, then you should be able to see the live stream provided by Wowza. If you access the stream using the ?DVR postfix, then you are accessing the nDVR stream, but also playing back the same live event. The main difference is that using the nDVR feature you will have access to the enhancements it brings. The nVR feature is described in this article:
    You can use the HLS stream without the ?DVR termination, only if you have enabled the cupertinostreamingpacketizer in Streams/LiveStreamPacketizers from your Application.xml file.

    Please note that the nDVR addon is a premium add-on, and when you enable it on your Wowza server, it generates extra cost on your monthly license invoice, assuming you are using a subscription based license.


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    Thank your prompt reply.
    Focus on the live stream part, can I use other protocols like RTMP or RTSP or any protocol that Wowza support for live stream in application that defines nDVR properties in Application.xml?

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    You can send in RTMP, RTSP or MPEG-TS live streams into Wowza to be recorded by the nDVR and then streamed out as any of the supported HTTP, protocols, namely HLS (Apple http streaming), HDS (flash http streaming) or Smooth http streaming (to Silverlight players).


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    Sorry for the unclear description, I focus on the downstream (playback) protocol for live case....
    Can I playback the 'live' stream, use protocols like RTMP or RTSP that Wowza support for (stream type = live) but not for nDVR?
    Because in nDVR configuration the application needs to define stream type to 'live' , and nDVR is just an addon. If I do not access the nDVR feature (e.g. just play the live stream) it should be fine to use some protocols that nDVR not support.

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    Yes, of course, you can playback a live stream in a RTMP or RTSP, or any of the other HTTP clients that the Application.xml /LiveStreamPacketizers is configured for. You can do that with or without nDVR configured. Was there some problem doing that?


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    Hi Richard, thank your prompt reply.
    there is no problem right now, I am trying to understand the restriction on applying nDVR so that I can design the workflow. Thank your help

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